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Decided on Adoption

Well ladies, hubby and I are going to start discussing adoption. He's worried too much about my health and worried about dealing with any more loss... We're going to discuss it tonight, but I believe I am already decided that adoption is what I want to do. We've experienced enough loss and heartbreak and we just don't want to go through it anymore. I guess I assumed that conceiving our youngest so easily meant it would be easy again; how naïve of me. Our loss at 19 weeks with our very first pregnancy still haunts us and with everything we've been through, I really feel adoption is the way to go for us.

It feels like it would make my world right again... seeing all these women around me get pregnant with babies they didn't even want, or women who've had kids and don't take care of them or even have them anymore because they were either taken away or just not wanted... It really makes the way I view the world an unpleasant place for me to live. If I can adopt one of those kids, since I cannot seem to have anymore without issues, I really feel like it will help make my view of this world a little more right, a little more balanced.

I feel like I was being greedy anyways, wanting to conceive a third child. And after all the heartbreak we've been through, I've been so very blessed and I'm so very grateful, to have been able to conceive and have the healthy, handsome boys I have today. Conceiving is just too difficult for me and my body. So hubby and I are going to count our blessings and try to make a difference in the life of a child who didn't have what every child should have... a family, parents, love... I really feel this will help make my world feel right again.

It's been a pleasure, ladies, being on this site with you since TTC#1 over 5 years ago! I cannot say enough how much all the support has meant to me from all you ladies. It's time for me to retire my TTC days. I wish ALL you ladies the best of luck, never lose hope and never give up.


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That will be a beautiful thing to do because these parentless jewels deserve love too and I believe just because a child didn’t exit your womb doesn’t mean it isn’t yours. Sometimes the mother is the portal or entry into this world but God has different plans. There is a child or children in this world that were actually born for the two of you, receive them ?? Me and mom do not connect on any level and I feel like she was meant to bring me here every time I get around her once or twice a year I connected more with a woman I met in my job training she immediately wanted me around and called me her daughter and I felt comfort and friendship with her. Please update us on the adoption ??

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