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20 weeks pregnant update for those following me

I cannot begin to tell you ladies how relieved I am to finally be halfway through this pregnancy! I was so stressed about how my anatomy scan was going to go ever since I gushed blood at 13/14 weeks. I thought for sure I was going to eventually lose my baby boy. The severe bleeding was caused by placenta previa. But I've been so very blessed, as my anatomy scan showed a healthy baby boy with no abnormalities or complications to be seen, and even the previa was resolved! I cried tears of joy and relief as the ultrasound tech said everything looked perfect! I'm feeling baby boy kick more frequently and stronger and it's a constant reminder that he's growing and healthy.

Ladies, this took us almost 2 years to accomplish with 3 more losses to suffer through, so please don't lose hope! Don't give up! I promise, it will be worth it all in the end with a bundle of joy eventually

I've attached an ultrasound photo of my baby boy doing baby yoga his foot is above his head and his hand is grabbing his toes. It was the cutest thing, I could've sat there and watched him all day and more than happy to stay a boy mom We are toying with Bryce or Brennan for his name at the moment. His middle name will be Alexander no matter what his first name lol.

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Oh my god. He's so adorable. Your halfway there. I like Bryce for a name. We are still toying for a boy name as we got our girl name picked out. Never thought not knowing the gender would be the curiosity that kill the cat; so to speak lol. Congrats again momma.

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