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Had 1st Ultrasound done!!

FINALLY!!!! After a total of 5 miscarriages (3 since ttc #3), we FINALLY have a baby with a heartbeat and measuring on time!! Baby #3 is actually measuring a day ahead than I predicted!! EDD 3/29/21 now!! TTC #3 has not been easy. We had a chemical that almost required surgery because my hcg levels wouldn't drop after already bleeding and passing everything, a blighted ovum at 7 weeks, then a late chemical pregnancy. I have the genetic disorder MTHFR (2 copies of same gene) and I've been taking all my vitamins needed for this, so it's been a rough ride. My first two losses happened before we had our two boys. 19 week missed miscarriage was our first heart wrenching experience. Then a chemical. Then we were blessed with our oldest son, Tim. Wyatt, our youngest, came without any issues and first try not sure how that happened So we assumed #3 would be a breeze since Wyatt was so easy.... were we ever wrong But, after almost 2 years, we finally have a sticky, growing, healthy rainbow bean in there and I can't wait to meet her/him

BABY DUST LADIES!! Never give up!!

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. I hope the pregnancy goes well. Are you thinking of finding out the gender? We aren't this time. We did for the last two pregnancy and this is our last baby.

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8 months ago

@dragonfly: This will also be our last baby. TTC is just too hard for us to try to fit in a 4th before we feel "too old" to have anymore LOL. And yes, I really want to know the gender and can't wait! I love being able to shop.

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Congratulations , I wish you the best

7 months ago

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