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What the heck?

Don't know what my body is up to at the moment. Thought I ovulated 3 days ago and got a nice temp shift on the 3rd. However, my monitor still gives me only high readings, which I find odd. I tend to have a short surge and therefore rarely get a positive with regular opks. But digitals (both regular digitals and the monitor) always gives me a peak, even if it's sometimes the day after my temp rise. Otherwise I get a peak the same day as my temp rise. I noticed yesterday that the monitors test where getting lighter and thought that even the monitor missed my peak this time. But today I have had a huge amount of ewcm, a large temp drop and the test is getting much darker, to the point that it's almost a "peak" reading.

Is my body just messing with me, or did it try to ovulate 3 days ago and couldn't and therefore are gearing up to try again? Or did my temp rise simply due to me catching a cold? Well, I should know within the next couple of days.

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Did you start taken maca? If so it had my temps High then during fertile/ovulation time it did dropped...then rise again once I O’d. My temp stayed high after as well during LP. Just keep BDing.

3 years ago

@Beaut1ful38 - Yeah, I started taking maca this month. Started with it on cd 2 and stopped at cd 14 since i got some problems with my stomache. Probably because I chose the raw powder. So if I have to take it next cycle too, then I'm switching to capsules. My temps have actually been very stabile, up until cd 16 that is. Then I woke up with a slight cold and a higher temp (no fever though). Same the next day. And then it just went down again. I finally got my peak yesterday! Expected my usual temp rise today with a lighter test. But it's still as dark as yesterday and the temp is low. That's not what I'm used too. Hopefully it is a good sign though, since I tend to have such a short peak that regular opks misses it.

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