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Countdown to TTC

After TTC for almost 2.5 years I started taking birth control pills in september last year, since we both decided it wasn't a good time for another child until I were done with my studies and have gotten a job. So we hit the pause button for a year. Well, now I'm almost done with 2 years of studies and I've already got a job. Me and my husband have talked about me getting of birth control now. So I've decided to finish the 3 months I have left and then the TTC is on! Hopefully it won't take another +2,5 years of TTC.

At least i have something to occupy myself with during the wait to start TTC. April 30th my french lop (rabbit) gave birth to 9 little kits, and 8 now remains. They turn 2 weeks on thursday and are insanely cute, and will get even more insanly cute as they grow. Two of them will remain here.

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Welcome back Pandorica! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you won’t have to wait long for a healthy and happy pregnancy!
Congratulations on the cuties

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1 year ago

Thank you Alex! I really hope so too, but we'll see how it goes. I keep my fingers crossed for you too, that your wish will come true. I think I'll pop in with you and the others in a month or two to cheer everyone on.

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1 year ago • Post starter

So, I have 3 days left of my bc pills and then I'm off! My husband seems a bit hesisant about another child because he says he "starts to feel old". But he's only 35! I think we've simply been spoiled now that our son soon turns 7 and for the most part he's been a fairly easy child. He knows I want another child and is well aware that I'm not going to renew the prescription, mostly because I don't like how my body feels when on hormonal bc. My libido totally disappears after a few months when on bc and I hate it! So I've told him that it's as much up to him to use protection as it is mine.

And about having another one or not, I think my husband and I are seeing things slightly different. We both agreed that we didn't want a big family - 3 kids at most. Now that it's taken so long I think my husband is more ok with just one than I am. I really imagined having 2 kids and at this point I can't let it go. I'm only 32. A few days ago I realised that everytime I hear a newborn cry, I feel that ache in my heart. I also know that there's a possibility that we won't be able to have another one, but that's a sorrow I will deal with if or when that day comes.

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12 months ago • Post starter

Aaaand, I've officially been of the pill for a week now. Which means it's a total waiting game until my period arrives. I hope it will return to normal soon. I would love to temp, but my fibromyalgia makes my sleep to erratic for it to work. I've read about Tempdrop, but I think it's a little pricey I'm afraid. I'm thinking about starting my Clearblue Fertility monitor though, but I'm not sure.

Since I wrote last a lot has happened, both good and bad. My son turned 7 last saturday and have now started 1st grade (here they start school at 6 years, but it's only preschool class). That's the good part. The bad part is that my mum recently was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. She got diagnosed with nodular goiter like 4,5 years ago through an ultrasound and this past year she's been having symptoms like horse voice, a larger nodule on the thyroid, trouble swallowing certain things. So about two weeks ago she did another ultrasound and also a "needle biopsy". The ultrasound were exactly as last time 4,5 years ago, so initialy the nurse didn't think her problems were due to the goiter. But the next day the biopsy came back as "suspected papillary thyroid cancer". She's been booked for surgery next tuesday to remove either a part of or the entire thyroid gland. Since I also have been having problems with my thyroid and have a small lump on it, I talked to the doctor about it and he sent a remittance for an ultrasound. I'm not worried about me having anything malign in my thyroid, but I at least want to check out that lump.

A week ago I had a booked phone call with the doctor about my thyroid, since my TPO initially were high (190). I've been going in for bloodwork two times since then and my TPO have went from 190, to 100, to 70 and are now at 40. My T4 are consistent around 9-10. My TSH on the other hand have been slowly going up from 1,4 in the end of 2017 to 3,3 in februari 2020. Now in august it went down to 1,9 all of a sudden. I feel like crap and are extremely tired. But since all my bloodwork are within reference, the doctors just wants me to wait for another 3 months and retake them. It's a bit annoying to be this tired but I guess I'll have to get used to it..

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11 months ago • Post starter

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