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My husband and I started taking Ubiquinol in hopes of conceiving our rainbow baby (4 years and 1 month of TTC). Has anyone ever tried it and became pregnant? I have googled some, but would love to hear success stories after taking it. Any info would help. Thanks.

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We both took/take, but not for fertility as I haven’t struggled with it thus far, but we take to help with egg/sperm quality since my children are all special needs, so although I don’t have a success story per se, my last three pregnancies I’ve been older and they were first time trying, no MC, but I also take other supplements. Either way, it can’t hurt and it’s suggested by some because of its properties. I’d say it’s great to start taking, but that’s my 2 cents.

1 year ago

Thank you.......

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I am under the care of a fertility specialist now, and she started me on it . I am not pregnant yet, but obviously it is a good thing to take while TTC !!!!

1 year ago

That's great! Baby dust to us ????

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My friend is 9 weeks pregnant after many failed ivf treatments for baby number 2. She asked me for my ivf regime and got pregnant naturally just 2 months after starting it. they have unexplained infertility.
1. fertility accupuncture: find a specialist in this, not every accupunturist is good at this
2.. A low carb diet, but high protein and high plant fats diet. lots of legumes and nuts
3. ubiquinol....start with 100mg , then increase after a month to 100mg twice daily
4 A good prenatal vitamin. Natures way or life extension, do not buy the pharmacy ones, they are chemicals.
5. Vit E 100mg daily
6. Cod liver oil. the oil , not the pills 1 spoon morning and evening.
7. mag + calcium combo pills.

my husband has severe sperm issues, so his regime was to just produce single digit sperms we can harvet for icsi , it didnt increase quantity but we are pregnant so it must have helped with quality at least for us.
1. accupunture
2. testosterone herbs from the accupuncturist
3. zink 100mg x2
4. good natural multivitamin
5. cod liver oil morning and evening
6. mag+ calcium combo

Never hurts to revamp vitamin profile, hopefully something clicks and you get pregnant soon

1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this info @reneee and congratulations!!!!!

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