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November 2020 baby

I wasn't planning to continue TTC anymore since every month has been a disappointment, but plan to still journal.

CD 29 - very light spotting (most definitely implantation bleeding)
CD 33 - extreme breast tenderness and very sore nipples
CD 34 - March 16th, 2020, took 2 HPTs AND........ on both. Took clear blue digital and it says 2-3 weeks.
CD 35 - took another HPT just to make sure and lines are super dark
CD 36 - very strong lines. my baby is here to stay.
CD 37 - stronger lines then before.
CD 38 - still showing strong lines. This may be a promising pregnancy.
CD 39 - still showing strong lines. I still can't believe it each other.
CD 40 - strong, dark lines. Finishing up my last few dip sticks before it expires.
CD 41 - according to my app, I'm 5w6d and scheduled my 1st OB appt for Thursday, 4/16
CD 42 - 6w today, Nausea, abdominal fullness, extreme breast tenderness, breast fullness, sore nipples, itchy nipples, low back pain, hip aches, bloating, constipation, gassy, vivid dreams, frequent urinating, increased sex drive, strong sense of smell, mild/dull cramps
CD 45 - 6w3d, light brown spotting (TMI, but could be from intercourse last night), no cramps
CD 50 - 7 weeks, strong lines, bad nausea, strong smells, a lot of energy, picky with food.
CD 57 - 8 weeks, emotional wreck, nauseated, smell of things is off the hook (can't stand to cook inside the house, every smell gets me gagging), sex drive is way down.
CD 59 - strong just checking since I've had multiple MCs before and I'm nervous.
CD 65 - 9w1d 1st OB visit. **UPDATE: found out from US that baby is 8w1d. EDD now 11/25/2020. Heart rate of 177. Baby looked healthy and squirming its little self around. Saw the tiny, what looked like the buttocks. I'll be returning once a week for US check until 16 wks due to past MCs.
CD 70 - US: 9w1d (app: 10w1d). Baby's heartbeat: 179
CD 79 - NIPT Testing done. US: 10w1d (app: 11w1d). Baby's heartbeat: 170
CD 86 - US: 11w1d (app: 12w1d). Baby's heartbeat: 166. I think it's a Boy.
CD 91 - NIPT test results came back, everything is negative and we're having a BOY!
CD 93 - US: 12w1d (app: 13w1d). Baby's heartbeat: 146, very light brown spotting, no cramps/pain
CD 100 - US: 13w1d (app: 14w1d). Baby's heartbeat: 188
CD 121 - 6/11/2020. US: 16w1d (app: 17w1d). Baby's heartbeat:
CD 126 - 17 week check up.

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