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Hi ladies, this photo was taken 5 minutes after doing the test. Test instructions say you MUST wait a full 3 minutes before reading but disregard after 10. I have had experience with evap lines before but the line never appeared this soon. I have edited the photo by turning the brightness down, does anybody know if changing the brightness increases false results? By the way, my sheets aren't actually dirty its the edit. Ive been having a lot of symptoms that come and go like nausea looking at my partners chicken (i hate chicken but it doesn't make me sick) super tired, constipated, tingling in nipples on and off and coffee, usually my first love has been making me feel super anxious. I really don't know if im making this all up. Let me know your true opinion if you have the time :)

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Looks positive to me. How many dpo are you? Try a FRER test I personally like pink dye test better. Wishing you sticky vibes!!

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4 months ago

I think I’m 11dpo ! I’m at the doctors office now, so I suppose i’ll Find out for sure x

4 months ago • Post starter

That definitely looks like a positive!! Keep us posted. Lots of luck!xx

4 months ago

Still waiting on bloodwork results as i only got it done the other day, but tested mid day today and have never had a faint line show up so quickly withing 3-4 minutes. Still clear blue as thats all i have in the cupboard but it usually takes around 6-8 minutes to appear. Really just hoping for closure soon

3 months ago • Post starter

I see a faint line.. don't think that is evaporated line

3 months ago

Looks positive to me!!

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3 months ago

Congratulations I deathly see a line get blood work done ????

3 months ago

It definitely looks +. What did you find out at the dr?

3 months ago

Looks positive. What was your outcome?

3 months ago

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