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20 Months TTC

I'm finally pregnant with baby #2 after 20 long months of TTC! We were both evaluated at the 1 year mark (I'm 34 and husband is 39) and nothing was found to be the cause of our infertility. Over the past 2 years we tried a little bit of everything: supplements/vitamins, pre-seed, a month of Clomid, acupuncture. Our insurance does not cover any infertility treatments so I made a decision to trust that it would happen when the universe was ready and not pursue any costly procedures/assistance.

I know that this may sound insane but I read a book called Spirit Babies: How to Connect with the Child You're Meant to Have and I had goosebumps the entire time I was reading it. I did a daily meditation described in the book to "call in" my spirit baby. This was so helpful for me to try to connect with my baby and also just a time to relax and clear my mind. 6 weeks after starting this practice I found out I was pregnant. I honestly believed that this book helped me to call my baby in.

Good luck to everyone out there in the TTC community, I know how painful it can be. I truly hope that there will be a beautiful light at the end of your tunnel.

"If your path is more difficult, it is because your calling is higher".

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Congratulations! Please kindly share this book with me. Many thanks!

5 months ago

Thanks Bibire, the book is called Spirit Babies: How to Connect with the Child You're Meant to Have. It is written by Walter Mackichen. Good luck!

5 months ago • Post starter

Congrats! Happy 40 weeks to you.

Son 1- 2007. Son2 -2010 son3- 2012

5 months ago

Thank you Dannielle!

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