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O day? I believe so!

How's it going, ladies? Not very many familiar names on here anymore. It's awesome to see some BFP's tho!! =))

Afm, all is well. I stopped exclusively pumping on the 17th of January and have been waiting for my 1st PPAF to arrive. I had some spotting last weekend and was hoping it would amount to more, but it stopped after 2 days. On Friday evening I had a tiny amount of ewcm but thought nothing of it. Saturday, there was a disgusting amount tho...that caught my attention, so I tried an opk. It was neg, but not by much. Sunday there was even more ewcm, so I tested again, smu, I had one of the faintest estrogen lines ever, and my LH was through the roof! Today, I'm having my usual O pains and dull achey cramping...I'm 99% sure I'm O'ing, nothing's a guaranty tho. I'm not temping cuz we aren't ttc, more of a ntnp approach. It feels so weird tho. U try for so long, then get ur BFP and have ur baby, and the habit of peeing on things and trying to catch the egg, never really goes away. I feel like I'm wasting an egg... :/ We do wanna start trying this summer/fall, we need to buy a bigger house, first. We've been looking, but nothing is exactly what we want. The property is big, but, not enough bedrooms, or, lots of bedrooms, but the property is similar to that of a shoebox. I don't wanna have to settle. This next house will be our forever-ish home...til we retire and leave the province for the Maritimes. Fuck, have u seen the houses out there? 25 acres of land with a massive 5 bedroom house for $220k...CDN. That's like $5 USD after the exchange rate lol! One day! We can't do it right now, my husband works in the automotive industry, and those jobs are almost non-existent out East. Ah well! One can dream!! =))

Other than that, not much is new. =))

Big Congratulations to Mozart, for her successful transfer! Best of luck to those still trying!

Chin up, ladies!! =))

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Hey girl! I definitely have missed your presence on here along with your JE's. How's everything going?!??! Kudos to you for wanting to add another... I am still on the fence yet as to whether or not I want one more. We need a bigger house too if we add another, not to mention I am not sure if I want to go through another c-section. :( It is exactly like you said though - once you start the TTC process and find success you just want to keep going :) So who knows? Maybe I will be back here officially too before too long. Keep us updated! Good to hear from you!

7 years ago

Finding a bigger and better house is as time-consuming and difficult as TTC lol. I am confident you will find the right place at the right time - and I can't wait for you to post a BFP!

7 years ago

Glad things are settling and getting back to normal! It's definitely weird to not be chasing ovulation constantly that's for sure!

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7 years ago

Star, everything is going great, thanks! Hbu? I hear ya with the section, I'm stuck having them from now on, too. I had a threatened rupture and partial placental abruption, so I've been heavily instructed to never go into labour again. Good times!

Mozart, I totally agree. House hunting sucks ass! It was fun for our first one, but this one (2nd) seems like more stress than not. I'm sure the bfp will take a long time to get, u'll be long gone from this site, by then.

WaitingwithHope, it is! They need to make a pill for that, or a patch. I can see why some women end up with 20 kids lol!

7 years ago • Post starter

I am almost done pumping :) my little one will be 1 year old on March 17th. Can't believe how fast this time went by. I totally get the weird feeling of peeping on things - I still do haha... I got my period 9month after having a baby and since I am still pumping they are super irregular and it always messes with my head that maybe I am pregnant but nope .... The plan is to transfer embryo this summer and hopefully my little Sebastian will have a brother or a sister next year :D

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7 years ago

Mais non! I will be around. This is a fun place after all :)

7 years ago

Damn girl, how did u pump for that long? I was in hell the entire time. I had 3 diff sizes of flanges and no matter what, my poor nips were taking a beating. It would hurt so bad that I'd only half empty or skip a pumping and engorge. I finally got sick of it when I got a fever, several hard lumps and couldn't force myself to even put a pump on. I quit cold turkey. My boobs hurt like mofo's for about 3 days and dried up completely after a few weeks. I don't miss it. I def don't miss them going off everytime someone cried. Lol! Idk if I'll try with the next. The first 2 were formula babies and they were fine. I look forward to reading ur next bfp announcement. Fx for a girl!! =))

Mozart, it sure is! There are lotsa great ladies that make it fun! More fun than the other site!! =))

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You always crack me up! My third, my boobs hurt so bad (bloody) I was in tears when he nursed, much better this time although still painful/bloody at first.

I'm glad to hear you'll be trying this madness again cause we are crazy enough to think one more before it's too late. Kinda scared I'll be like something out of Monty Python and the next kid will just fall outta me,lol. (That's a reference to the "every sperm is sacred" song/video for those unfamiliar).

We will wait to try (if we do it again) till LO is two. I never get first AF till 14 months after baby anyway. If we do, my family will give me hell about it. They think we are crazy as it is. Probably some truth to that.

Wishing you guys the best and would love to see pics of your guy on cdmp!

7 years ago

NO 4!!! Girl you are a machine lol. Good for you. I will be stalking as usual. ps good luck with the house hunting too :)

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7 years ago

Best of luck on the house hunt! It's fun and torture all at the same time, kinda like TTC haha. Hope that the BFP for number 4 comes along a lot sooner than you think ;)

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7 years ago

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