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Implantation bleed?

I've been having definite symptoms this month and today am at 16dpo and 2 days past expected AF. Have had some cramping, mostly yesterday, and late yesterday evening I had one, nickel sized, spot of brown discharge on my toilet paper when I wiped. Nothing since.
Took two HPTs. I got a VERY faint line on a $tree test (FMU) that got darker as the day progressed. Even my husband saw that one.
Last night, after holding my pee for several hours (it was dark yellow; sorry TMI), I took a FRER test and within the 3 minutes I swore I saw a VERY VERY SUPER FAINT line which I can still see this morning, but my husband didn't see it.
Have had severe constipation and stomach upset; nausea, sore, swollen burning bbs, dizziness, and headaches.
What do you ladies make of all this?
This is our first baby; been TTC since May.

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You're definitely pregnant! Congratulations. TTC #1 - 23 months and counting Male Factor Infertility IUI #4 - Chemical Pregnancy???? IUI #5 - Ectopic Pregnancy???? IUI #6 ~ Dec 14/Jan 15

9 years ago

You can be pregnant. Take another test in a couple days as HCG levels double every couple days.

Married 5/10/14, TTC #1, off BCP January 2014, TTC since June 2014, using CBFM, CBD OPK and tracking cycles.

9 years ago

I agree with Jennifer1011. Many congrats! A line is a line even it's faint. Based on my experience, you are more likely to get false negatives then positives.

9 years ago

Thanks so much for the encouragement. :)
I'm so nervous; never gotten a bfp before and I guess I just don't expect to!
I'll test again in a couple more days if AF doesn't show.

9 years ago • Post starter

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