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Cd/dpo baby #3 tracker pt 1

We have 2 little boys - 3 and 1 - and both me and my husband know we want more but my husband wanted me to check up with my obgyn before we actively started trying, just because I had a hard labor with our second (had to have 2 units of blood and had a week long spinal headache etc).
Well, I got on the pill for PMDD. I think it helped with that but after I stopped breastfeeding our youngest (dried up early after struggling with milk supply since he was born), I think the pill was making me crazier than what my own hormones were doing. So I stopped the pill in August. And I finally felt like myself again! Yay!!
So, like I said we havent been trying but havent been really trying hard to prevent either. Course I symptom spot each month and have been trying to learn my cycle again since I got off the pill.
This month my cycle has been weird. I think I ovulated a week earlier. Like my whole cycle feels a week off. I'm not "due" for AF till the 24th but all the symptoms say I should be due a few days earlier. Which makes me kind of think it's my first month since coming off the pill that I've actually ovulated.

1/1 CD8
spotting. Really light. Weird cycle

So.... 1/15 Tuesday cd 22 (approx 9dpo)
i wasnt thinking anything about the ttw or symptoms or anything (dont do that till the week of AF usually since were not trying), but suddenly while I was cooking at 714am, I felt this sharp pain that kind of took my breath away low on the left side. It was on and off for about 15 minutes and then sore and crampy the rest of the day. My first thought was implantation, but I havent felt implantation or had implantation bleeding with either of my other 2.
Starting today I've been craving greens, vinegar, pickles, kraut, and cabbage.
Tons of energy. Cleaned and cooked all day.
1 Benadryl in eve to help me sleep.
Since then;

1/16 wednesday cd 23/aprox 10dpo
Woke up groggy. But from benadryl. Wore off eventually.
I've been feeling nauseous at the same time each day (very mild but like clock work; 930 or so thru 11am). Boobs started feeling sore and tingly. I was a bit crampy - real mild.
Chunk of yellow discharge. Implantation? But I sometimes get yellow before af.
Ton of energy again (after the grogginess wore off). Worked like crazy. Cleaned the van out (monthly cleaning - vacuum, wipe down, clean all cup holders etc)
When I sat down late in the evening I had a sharp pain deep down (TMI - it was vaginal pain like I sat down too hard with a tampon in but the only time I have that pain IS when I have a tampon in or when I'm PG...).
Not thinking too much about pg symptoms but tracking in my planner just in case.

1/17 thursday CD 24/approx 11 dpo
I didn't sleep great and had a mild headache. Which made me doubt if I was pg and made me think aunt flow might be headed my way. But my boobs were actually hurting now. Like sore to the touch.
I was still mildly crampy too.
This day was Thursday. My husband works on a dairy farm and I would go every day if I could. I stay home with our boys and care for our own small farm and have plenty to keep me busy but I LOVE going to the commercial dairy and am learning to AI breed cows and work on sick cows. Our boys stay with their nanny and papa every other Thursday when they both have the day off together. It's my day to go to the farm all day. (Also go on work weekends but those are short days.) Well, I wasnt able to go this Thursday but i was not the least bit upset or sad about it. I was excited and happy all day.
Energy. Cooked and cleaned and spent the whole evening outside.
(Acne may have started today but it didn't click with me until a couple days later.)
(Full feeling may have started today too but I didn't realize it. Thought it was bloating. Think it got more over the next couple days till I realized it wasn't bloating.)

1/18 Friday CD 25/approx 12dpo
Didn't sleep well. I woke up grouchy. Which again made me feel like af was coming. My late cycle good mood (ie pg symptom) was gone. But the grouchiness didn't last long by 8 am it was gone and that happiness came back. Think the grouchiness was actually grogginess from not sleeping.
I had the same clock work nausea between 9 and 11 am. I drank loads of water.
Later we took our boys to dollar tree (which they love) and our eldest got him a simple windchime. He wanted to hang it in the van above his carseat and his face just lit up and he was laughing while he watched it. I teared up. Super emotional about simple stuff.
Noticed acne. Have had it a few days but not sure when it started. Maybe yesterday? Wierd for me - I never notice acne before AF.
Craving hot stuff. Spicy. Soup. Like hot and sour soup. And still the greens/cabbage/vinegar thing.
Back ache in evening.
Really feeling like I'm pregnant now. Still have doubts but like 99% positive. Have been on and off.

1/19 Saturday cd 26 approx 13dpo
Great mood. Happy. Work weekend. Went to farm. Bred several cows. Missed the boys.
Same back ache from last night.
Clock work nausea again.
Boobs feel very full. Sore to the touch. Noticed in evening noticed my bra is tight and they look a cup size bigger.
Feels like someone blew a balloon up in my uterus. Like my seat belt in the car is tight and everything feels heavy. Think the full feeling started a couple days ago but I didn't realize it - thought it might have been bloating.
I've been having pains reminiscent of post partum - I had severe tearing with both my boys and it felt like it would be almost to tear apart again for several weeks after when I stood up, stood too long, or lifted something.
Chris said something, cant remember and I told him we might need to get a test and told him my symptoms. When I said them all outloud I knew I was pg. But I was scared to actually say it.
We went to dollar tree for cheapie tests. While there we were letting the boys play with the toys and I realized I'd unconsciously put my hand on my belly. Dont do that usually and I knew it was my subcons

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