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Positive OPK - twice in one month

Ok - I apologize in advance - TMI

On October 30 I started spotting light brown
October 31 I had light brown spotting in the morning then a light period in the evening.
On November 7 I started using Clearblue Digital Advanced Ovulation test kit - I received a negative
On November 8 I received a solid smiley meaning peak fertility
BD on the 10 and 11 - I also had EWCM these days and my cervix was high
I thought the 8th was a little early to receive a positive so I bought another test and then on the 11th I received a flashing smiley and on the 12th I received a solid smiley again.
I called CBD and they assured me that there tests are 99% accurate - however - I am worried. I was unable to BD on the 11 and 12 - I also did not have EWCM those days either.. but since then my BBT has been slowly rising and I have a lot of creamy CM - my CP has been high and closed. HELP thoughts, experiences, ALL WELCOME

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some women ovulate twice a month it is normal. you have twice more chance to conceive in one cycle. good luck :)

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4 years ago

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