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I don't get that 'peace of mind' as always waiting for AF or BFP :-(

I have read so many people responding to BFN posts saying 'your not out until AF arrives, i wish i had that luxury!

Since my mmc/erpc in March we have been ttc ever since...when i get a BFN i am still testing for 2 weeks after as my AF is still yet to arrive I feel so down today as i'm aprox 10 DPO and i did a test which resulted in BFN i know i have a few days left for testing but i'm really never out of this game and really feel like i'm going to go crazy!

My doc has said that if i'm not pregnant this month then they will give me provera to bring on my period, but she has said i'll have to miss a month of ttc...which means its going to be at least another 2 months months before i get my BFP and the luck i've had lately it'll probably take months before it brings my period on anyway. I'm so fed up and really not sure how much more i can take, i just want either a BFP or my period as the waiting is killing me

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(((Hugs))) I know how frustrating ttc can be!!

5 years ago

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