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When did I ovulate?

I am somewhat confused on my exact ovulation date! According to the My Days app on my phone, my fertile period was Jan 7-12, according to my fertile period is Jan 13-18. I also checked it on this site and I got a fertile period of Jan 12-16. I am leaning towards trusting this site or babycenter,com more because I feel that since I got such close results on these two sites, the developer of the app I have could be wrong. I have a 37 day cycle and my LMP was December 24-28.

I am mainly confused though because on last Tuesday (11th) I experienced cramping similar to period like cramps in my lower region on the right side. They lasted about 1/2 hour. I also felt them again this past Sunday (16th) but they were not as intense.

Anyone have an idea what might be going on. I am trying to just patiently wait on my next expected AF to show up but I am at wits end. TIA.

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Never trust calendars to tell you when you ovulate because everybody's so different. An Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) is the best way to tell, and you can buy it in a drugstore. That's what I've been using this month and I'm hoping for a positive pregnancy test in a few days! You can also get a sense of exactly when you ovulate by taking your BBT (Basal Body Temperature) each morning before you get out of bed, using a BBT thermometer--also available at the drugstore. A third way to tell is by monitoring your cervical mucus. When it gets a stretchy, egg-white consistency, that's a signal that you're about to ovulate. Hope this helps!

7 years ago

Thanks. If I don't see a bfp around the 31st I will get some opk's and start checking cervical mucus. I know bbt helps but you really only see an increase like they day after you ovulate so it is kinda useless to me unless you chart the temp changes for a few cycles. I hope not to get too obsessed w/ ttc.

7 years ago • Post starter

If you have the typical 14 day lp, you ovulated onthe 16th. You should try bbt charting and checking your cervix so you can be sure though.


7 years ago

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