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TWW!! Symptoms on 1DPO? Is this possible?

I ovulated today (the 20th) and am having not what I would call cramping, but almost a "pulling" like feeling in my abdomen. Is it possible to have symptoms this early? Or is it just another day where I "convenice" myself I'm pregnant?

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Your egg most likely hasn't even been fertilized yet. You won't start getting any pregnancy symptoms until implantation takes place which isn't normally until 7-10 dpo. If you ovulated today, you won't be 1 dpo until tomorrow. The feeling you're having might be ovulation itself though. I usually having cramping/fluttering sensations around ovulation. Good Luck this time around!

7 years ago

UGH- and i thought today was day 1!! This is agonizing-how do women do the TWW month after month?

7 years ago • Post starter

Lol. It took 8 months TTC for DS, 2 months for second pregnancy (m/c) and 6 for this one. I was charting and temping and using OPKs so I know it is agony waiting all that time to find out. Once you're there it seems like it went fast! I was delivering my son thinking- I ONLY HAD 9 MONTHS to prepare! Haha.
You should check out Free trials have dpo count and all the goodies to tell you where you are in your cycle. It's been great for me. :) Hope you get your positive!

7 years ago

I agree with covergirl20.
What you are feeling is most likely ovulation itself.
Pregnancy symptoms(or lack of pms symptoms) usually won't begin until after implantation when Hcg levels begin to rise.

7 years ago

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