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Dry Mouth/Increased Thirst

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member_179932  9 years ago
Yes and I drink water all the time. I've also been experiencing a strange metal taste in my mouth and I am only 4 dpo.


member_179932  9 years ago
Yes and


Avery_Prple  9 years ago
Extremely thirsty at 9 DPO; drinking water like crazy:/




Margaleona   9 years ago
Very thirsty and dry mouth. dpo 7 & for 3 days now.


wakeup79  10 years ago
10dpo very thirsty/dry mouth! ugh


MommyOneDay23  10 years ago
Had to drink maybe 4 bottles of water last night. No sleep. 12dpo today.


wakeup79  10 years ago
0dpo and yes I feel this way!! Keeping my fingers crossed! #ttc


mummyjc  10 years ago
cracked sore lips and very dry mouth no matter how much i drink had this since 8dpo im now 11 pdo still got it


lovehim14  10 years ago
i had dry mouth at 3dpo no matter how much i drank it was still dry


KaJaCo15  10 years ago
dry mouth i usually only get before i have to sing but now im getting dry mouth all the time


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