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Dry Mouth/Increased Thirst

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Pookiehen  9 years ago
Dry mouth at 7dpo. I want to brush my teeth 24/7.


Kasper1  9 years ago
15 dpo feeling so thristly and increased saliva, constantly spitting.


liv2luv000  9 years ago
I had a BFP at 10DPO, at 9DPO this symptom was absurd and currently at 11dpo it's still crazy. Thirst is unquenchable.




Sweetmis17  9 years ago
9-12 dpo and VERY thirsty


im_batman227  9 years ago
13 dpo and always thirsty lol


alexeva2015  9 years ago
3 dpo and i am extremely thirsty cannot seem to get enough water and i have a metal taste in my mouth


Muslimah94  9 years ago
14 dpo BFP always thirsty, dry mouth.


missyc7  9 years ago
oh and 9 dpo but not exactly sure when i o'ed


missyc7  9 years ago
very dry mouth today and yesterday, worse today


frnkie14  9 years ago
7 DPO -- I'M SO THIRSTY!! Can't SWALLOW Thought I was having an allergic reaction to almonds because it happened right after ate almonds


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