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Dry Mouth/Increased Thirst

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Abigailleerogers  7 years ago
I feel the same way 10dpo and I've been thirsty for water for like 3 days can't get enough


hummingbird214  7 years ago
7dpo and have the worst cotton mouth


jujube82  7 years ago
11dpo and starting to feel a little bit of cotton mouth




Arayl14  7 years ago
Cotton mouth started yesterday. Im only 7dpo today.


MrsRave28  7 years ago
yes, I'm 12 dpo. I can't seem to get enough to drink


Car.car  8 years ago
Started 11DPO and I'm currently 14DPO


Burtstequila1st@  8 years ago
Yes's 10 & yes


Burtstequila1st@  8 years ago
Yes and I'm am day had ovulation10


MrsEricaNutt  8 years ago
3dpo This dry cotton mouth!, first i thought it was my vitamins, but i have been taking those for months, and water isn't helping either?


tojitojo  8 years ago
I feel like a camel who's about to hit the desert. Water never tasted so good. Can't stomach alcohol. Thirsty, dry mouth, metal taste


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