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Ovulation Pain

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Wanna have baby dust  10 years ago
im at 16 dpo...no such symptoms


TTCno7  10 years ago
Think I've missed Oing this cycle :( dpo4 n have horrible back middle cramping . Feels very similar to ovulation pain..but is centred n low


babysalt  10 years ago
today is the 11th day in my cycle and im having horrible ovulation pains




lhayes  10 years ago
I had ovulation pain for 3 days, it felt like I was bruised very badly on my cervix. I am hoping this isn't a sign of infertility.


Bernice01  10 years ago
0dpo and pain is horrible. not sure if i might be pregnant. took a teat yesterday, completely negative, but all symptoms are there!


riyaksb  10 years ago
today I am CD12 I am having middle pain on and off..


saprina  10 years ago
I started to have watery CD on 11th July, had severe lowe abdomen pains on 15th & 6th july, not restricted to one side????


citind12  11 years ago
yesterday would be 3 days past for me according to my ov. calculator, I had horrible stabbing pains on my right side on and off all day


Cherry17  11 years ago
felt pain on my left side today like sharp pains, but I'm only cd 10 so its to early I think but I did have a non-ovulation cycle last month


Shotzz777  11 years ago
Pains... Left side mainly, now buzzing feeling both left and right, going on 1 full day


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