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Ovulation Pain

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natasha400  10 years ago
i had severe pains for 2 full days


snthal02  11 years ago
sharp pains on right side usually get them on left


snthal02  11 years ago
dull pulling burning sensation with occutional




kathie73  11 years ago
Ive felt pain on my right side. I think its too early to say im ovulating im only on day 10 of my cycle


Guest  11 years ago
5 days past ovulation ... twinges in lower abdo (painess) could be a lil baby in ther !!! :D testing on sunday x


Guest  11 years ago
Ovulation 09/05; stinging pain on right abdomen 09/10. Will test on 09/12 (7 days past ovulation) acupuncturist told me I'm preg thru pulse.


Guest  11 years ago
and my period still have not arived it is more then a week and a half late!! Soon to test!!


Guest  11 years ago
The day I ovulated I felt a pain on one side, when I would sit it would hurt. I had to keep still I had to go to the restroom every 10 mins


marquita21  11 years ago
i ovulated on 7/26 this was the worst pain i ever felt with ovulating something new to me.


nena31  12 years ago
4dpo, I ovulated on 6/9 and I have had bad cramps since then. bded before and after I ovulated


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