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Food Aversion

Monnij06  2 years ago
I could either be 18, 16, or 8dpo depending on when i O but i love steak and today i couldn’t eat it all. I. Almost throw up tryin to eat it


Baby_Dreams8285  2 years ago
15 dpo and the thought of eating sweets turns my stomach even though I'm a sugarholic


Timpani  3 years ago
11dpo. Chicken just tasted really off. Maybe it was?! Or maybe something else!




MissEgardner  3 years ago
Use to like eggs but now the smell and look of them make me feel sick


daringdelightly  3 years ago
8dpo and I haven't wanted my morning coffee in about 4 days! I used to drink 2-3 cups a day!


storsmom  3 years ago
13dpo and usually love strawberry oatmeal, went to eat some tonight and it just looked disgusting, had to throw it away


Schondrea  4 years ago
7dpo I usually love granola bars and went to eat one for breakfast and it tasted like sandpaper


MarieCallenders  4 years ago
I drink tea 3-4 x a day. Haven't made a cup in the past 2 weeks. Repulsed by sweet stuff. Normally I have a huge sweet tooth.


young at heart  4 years ago
used to love bacon, can not eat any meat at the mo, i am 9 days late for AF. tea and coffee are others i can not drink.


SapheKitty  4 years ago
Sprite usually tastes like soap to me, but today it didn't. FX!


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