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MrsDoubtfire  5 years ago
No interest in sweet stuff - declined cake in favour of macaroni cheese and salad!?


vmartin  5 years ago
I made grilled cheese it tased like plastic I also made gumbo and to me it tased scarchedeveryone else said it was delicious no scarch taste


DaphneJane  5 years ago
previous comment...I am 9 dpo or 2 dpo depending on IB




DaphneJane  5 years ago
Tonight, tried to eat some fettucini alfredo with shrimp and crab meat and was so repulsed! Didn't eat any of the sea food, only the noodles


Ellie123  5 years ago
9dpo made a curry and it smelt and tasted gross but fine to everyone else


Mzmarcie  5 years ago
I try not to eat meats but when I do I want 2 vomit


Sammichelle  6 years ago
6 DPO starting to go off certain foods but hungry all the time. TTC fingers crossed


faylinameir  6 years ago
everything I normally enjoy is tasting extremely gross!! I'm getting angry about and my husband thinks I'm being weird. =(


wakeup79  6 years ago
0dpo and Im glad!! #ttc


Wanna have baby dust  6 years ago
No food aversion at 16 dpo


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