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Precious30  6 years ago
8dpo I Looove Steak N Shake and got sick today while eating and couldn't finish....


npizz94  6 years ago
Tried to eat Oreo ice cream last night, really really wanted it when I first looked at it, but ate 2 or 3 bites and I had to stop.


scrunchy2  6 years ago
14 DPO - 2 days late - couldn't stomach 2 bites of breakfast burrito (i love them) not interested in my coffee and in love with green olives




PinkExpectation  6 years ago
9dpo: I tried to drink yesterday's coffee today, thinking it would be fine. To my surprise, it was way too sweet-- yesterday it was bitter!


PinkExpectation  6 years ago
Today my coffee tasted bitter and too strong! I made it the same as always! Yay!


greensparkles  6 years ago
9dpo, spaghettios taste like plastic, italian dressing smells like sweaty shoes


Achoti  7 years ago
Made a flour torilla last night (at 9 DPO) and it tasted bad. Could not stand the soft, pastey feeling in my mouth. Cant stand italian dres


Babyrogers  7 years ago
I almost threw up passing the seafood aisle at the grocery store and couldn't eat the rice I made for dinner. 12dpo


AlwaysHopeful  7 years ago
11dpo I am usually a coffee-aholic!! I drink it everyday. Lately I dont want it at all. I have actually said ew no when offered.


bobtail  7 years ago
9 dpo The smell of oreo cookies absolutely turns me off for the past few days


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