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Montgomery's Tubercles

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tamara1122  6 years ago
6 dpo


LuLuLady  6 years ago
9dpo and have these on my right boob but only this evening. Tingling nipples too


Achoti  6 years ago
10 DPO and noticed them before getting in the shower. Right nipple had more than my left.




carolreday84  6 years ago
I started getting the little bumps last night mostly on my left side 13 dpo


colleencoroluick  6 years ago
hello. lol, tmi, but today i was noticing some bumps that looked like zits on my right side. is this what we are talking about?




alynnr  7 years ago
i have these weird bumps but they arent white like it says on the web... mine are the same color as my areola are these bumps those too?


lou2612  7 years ago
11dpo got white bumps on right nipple never had them before and dont know what they are


Beccarox12  7 years ago
7dpo Ive noticed I have those lil bumps around my nipples. Im racking my brain about if I have ever noticed them before now! lol


Merimcla  7 years ago
i had those for a few days and now seem less prom. but I still have enlarge and tender breasts...11DPO now


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