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Montgomery's Tubercles

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Colapop1991  5 years ago
I just noticed I had this for the first time ever. I'm 7 dpo!


Cmp9q7  6 years ago
Starting to notice a bit at 12 DPO


Chocolate25  6 years ago
I have this for the past few days im 7dpo




Rpetkau  6 years ago
Always get them before period


amber2013  6 years ago
they are raised right around the nipple.


crwallis91  6 years ago
6dpo and I have had this show up today first time ever


Marcia5  6 years ago
I have had these off and on throughout TTC-since fall


xaislinnrose  6 years ago
just noticed them yesterday. they now have white heads on them which is unusual. I'm two days late now just waiting to test


alyssabull  6 years ago
never had them raised up like they are now!


lilbutbad  6 years ago
11 dpo I noticed these but more so on the right one. It looks nasty to me


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