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Tender Breasts

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Teena1990  2 years ago
7dpo side and of breasts really sore and tender


jeniferlynne  2 years ago
yesterday my breasts were just starting to ache, today at 3 DPO they really hurt & are tingling more as the day goes on.


RainbowBaby1217  2 years ago
I have been having tender breasts since 3 DPO. I currently 8 DPO and the tenderness has only gotten worse.




sexcnthicc28  2 years ago
9 dpo left under arm pain and tingling and burning sensation in breats not to bad though


member_271152  2 years ago
Had breasts pain and nipples pain everyday from 1dpo . Subsides a couple of days ago. Had to buy new bras. Today 11dpo and feeling better .


MNB1990  2 years ago
6dpo and breasts feel harder and heavy. Definitely hurt to touch


LittlePeanut  2 years ago
Only 5 dpo, my breasts started swelling and getting hard - one of them more than the other. Can see more pronounced veins in breast.


tba777  2 years ago
On 7dpo my nipples became very tender, i am not on 13 dpo and they continue to burn and feel differnt. Not sure if heavier is the right word


eellingson  2 years ago
7 dpo. Burning nipples, uncomforable in bra.


mikala_brooke  2 years ago
Starting at 5 dpo & been consistent, now 12 dpo


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