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Tender Breasts

nasamama  21 days ago
Sore boobs since 4 DPO (currently 11 DPO) and have gradually become more sore. Husband noticed last night they feel bigger.


ANGELgurl666  12 weeks ago
Breasts are sore, when they bounce from walking they hurt when I lay on them they hurt, wearing a bra they hurt not wearing a bra they hurt.


ANGELgurl666  7 months ago
bbs been gradually getting sore tender under arms and every where been that way since cd 21




Francobaby90  7 months ago
13 dpo breast have slight burning sensation on the inside. Like my blood is on fire just in the breast chest area. Weird.


peonies2107  8 months ago
11dpo, Breasts are more sore than yesterday. Left one more than the right.


peonies2107  8 months ago
10 dpo breasts feel very full, heavy and sore.. mostly the left one.


peonies2107  8 months ago
6dpo, sore/fuller breasts and some creamy cm too. In 9 cycles ttc, I don't think I've ever had sore breasts this early..


peonies2107  9 months ago
Sore/tender breasts 13-14dpo and left one feels swollen and bigger today. AF due tomorrow, hope it doesn't show!


Honibay09  1 year ago
7DPO breast have been tender and throbbing off and on, along with some tingling yesterday keeping fingers crossed for BFP


SimplyMe33  1 year ago
4DPO breast’s weren’t tender this morning but they are now that it’s evening.


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