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Strong Smelling Urine

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Dchobie  4 years ago
8dpo and noticed a strong smell in my urine first thing in the morning. accompanied by watery creamy discharge and a stuffed up nose


praying4twins  4 years ago
I got it from day 1 now I'm 10 weeks still got it off and on


16mommytobe  4 years ago
I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet but I've experienced all symptoms including strong smelling urine and I'm 10dpo




cstamour  4 years ago
This was my first sign! Around, I believe 7-10 DPO my urine smelled like skunk..now 15 DPO and got my BFP today!


himejazu  4 years ago
I've had this bad smell to my urine since 1 dpo, only my fmu too or if I don't use the loo every hour or two. No uti.


Jordyj89  4 years ago
7 dpo and noticed a strong smell to my urine. Its also been dark over the day which is not like me as i drink loads of water!!


sumsum14  4 years ago
6DPO just notice this am , sweet, strong smell. clear though. i've only had coffee this morning. i drink coffee everyday-pee never smells.


keyana14  5 years ago
the dr said i had a uti ay 9dpo with a bfn(early)&i been having dark urian latly but 3 days ago now strong smell i took the medicene?


paigettie  5 years ago
4 dpo, seems to be one of my earliest signs since 2010.


kellyal8313  5 years ago
Yes, today I had a ton of water and it still smells very strong. I am only 4-5 days past ovulation. It's new and started today.


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