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Strong Smelling Urine

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Margaleona   5 years ago
Dpo8 very strong smelling today! Hmm. I had been drinking water all day


Margaleona   5 years ago
Yup strong smell dpo7 . Noticed if happened another time I was preg.


monicadnlp  5 years ago
11dpo and mine smell like urine that's been sitting for a long to. So not a pleasant smell.




wakeup79  5 years ago
10dpo and it smells strong! uck!!!


MzBizhop  5 years ago
9dpo and noticed it last night. Not a smell I recall having until now. I drink a ton of water everyday. Didn't have this last pregnancy.


wakeup79  5 years ago
0dpo and yes I have this one!!


Wanna have baby dust  5 years ago
at 16 dpo, no strong smell ...normal


Hchurch  5 years ago
5 dpo and has strong sugar smell


cashley1230  5 years ago
17 dpo and have sweet smelling urine


Wanna have baby dust  5 years ago
just normal im at 11 DPO :(


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