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Strong Smelling Urine

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Chelseabphoto  4 years ago
im 13 dpo and i just noticed today that my urine is darker, and the only way i can explain the smell is that of horse urine: / its so wierd


spencerkim1212  4 years ago
I'm 11 dpo and I have been having a strong urine smell since 9dpo. I just went to the bathroom one morning and realized it. Baby dust to all


helen338  5 years ago
13 days po and extremely strong and dark urine especially in a morning .




Mrs_Daisy  5 years ago
9dpo and frequent urination that has a ripe fruit smell to it


ctymom  5 years ago
10dpo and I've had strong smelling urine for a couple of days. I drink plenty so hoping it's a good sign.


ctymom  5 years ago
6dpo and strong urine smell...hoping bfp will follow


SLG_babyhopes  5 years ago
8dpo noticing my urines smell more today, hope its a good sign!


Moonjade  5 years ago
strong smelling urine at 11dpo. Really weird.


Babygirl329622003  5 years ago
I dont know what dpo i am but i have strong smelling urine too


_snowwhite_  5 years ago
15dpo. strong smelling urine. weird right?


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