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babygirl21586  5 years ago
I had blood drawn and a faint BFP when my beta level was only 4 miu/mL so I think these can be much more sensitive for some women than others. I don't know, but I have had good luck so far!


calichic1184  5 years ago
Love the price, hate the evaps. I must have gotten a bad batch. Had a weeks worth of faint lines and AF showed today:(


lovetokate  5 years ago
Got a VERY faint positive at just 8 dpo, not even FMU! Tested 2 more times that day and once with FMU at 9 dpo and the line is showing a nice progression! Definitely pleased.




starburstice  5 years ago
Gave me a positive before the first response 6days sooner even did! And a heck lot cheaper too! Best opks I've used too!


Bundled  5 years ago
Love the OPKs but got a bad batch of preg tests giving false neg. lot W00121124-3 exp 11/14 always verify w/ other brands


jlt19888  5 years ago
I LOVE these tests! super cheap and results are easy to read. :)


Dakara  5 years ago
The negatives are very clear and the positives, even the faint ones, are also pretty clear, and I've never gotten an evap. You do have to wait about 10 minutes for best results, though. Would totally buy these again.


TXkadams  6 years ago
Shows negative without evaps. Also shows positive as I test out the trigger for 12dptrigger (2 more days than most cheap tests), so very sensitive.


Ella deZeng  6 years ago
I just started using these and already have gotton false positives/evaps that are pink. The test window is ridiculously small. These are no better than other internet cheapies.


disCara  6 years ago
Great inexpensive test. Wait the full 5 mins before reading the result as even a true positive doesn't show up as quickly as the control lime.


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