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Ilove40  4 years ago
Love that they are cost effective and are truly sensitive for early testers/POAS addicts! Out of 15 had 3 damaged in their package, and 1 defective though.


MissB601  4 years ago
Love that the tests are inexpensive so I can test when I want. But I got several faint positives that were all negatives because I got AF today. So if you use them def follow up with another brand to confirm


rbk2013  4 years ago
I got my first positive test on Wondfo's, even when other brands didn't show it yet. It was a nice clear line at 11dpo. The price is right on them too - especially for women like me who have gone through a lot of test whilst trying to conceive over the past two years.




aniraz  4 years ago
liked these. line was light but confirmed with a First response. I think I was 10 days Post ovulation. Took it the next morning and it was a little darker.


CrystalMom2BoysTTC3  4 years ago
They started presenting shadowy hints of a positive starting 8dpo! Gave a non-squinting positive at 12dpo, although 11dpo gave a more obvious line also. Great price, but not great for testing really early... shadowy hints drove me nuts lol!


kasia20a  4 years ago
Have used the product before we got pregnant:) I love the price and the fact that they are very sensitive (25mIU/ml)


jrv0827  4 years ago
Got a positive line on this 3 days before I could see it on any other test. Love these tests!


kelleyfa  4 years ago
Wondfo has never steered me clear! Wait 10 minutes when and using them when testing early however. My first positive came in my like 10 minutes. The following 2 days I then got faint positives at 5 mins!


diliapickle  4 years ago
I bought these so I could test early and they were not very good. I would get a shadow of a line well after the test time. But got positives on other tests.


judeloren  4 years ago
told me i was pregnant a couple days before the expensive brands


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