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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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ashultz79  2 years ago
I used to love these tests but after seeing other users photos, and my own experience from this cycle, I'll be changing brands. I recieved 3 vvvvf evaps, 2 of those 3 already had lines on the test strip. No more cheap tests for me


Lamaterfamilias  2 years ago
I have had two confirmed false positives in the last week, one day before and one week after AF. Hcg blood draw a week after my period started says definitely -, but wondfo was + THE SAME DAY.


SpicyDill  3 years ago
Of the many brands I have tried, Wondfo tests are my favorite. I've never had an evap or indent, and they are always the first to give me a positive during early testing.




AKJ976  3 years ago
These have worked very well for me, I hear lots of complaints of evap lines but never had one.


LilyLight  4 years ago
Wondfos are too sensitive for me to use again. They were clearly + the same day my bHCG was 4.3miu. Technically <5 is nonpregnant by clinical standards. My pregnancy was a chemical... Beware of ultra sensitive tests.


PrincessCmomof?  4 years ago
They have a horrid evap line if you read them past the allotted time. Which is obviously a bummer. But they said I wasn't pregnant in the allotted time when I wasn't pregnant. BUT I LOVE wondfo ovulation tests. They are my favorite and very sensitive.


amkat06  4 years ago
I took a test at 8 DPO and there was a very faint positive. Now I am 14 DPO and my pregnancy has been confirmed by a doctor.


NamelessAria  4 years ago
I've had a couple of batches of Wondfos with visible antibody strips and indents but this batch was fine. I haven't seen a single test with a problem. I got a super faint, but clearly there and pink, positive at around 10miu of hCG.


TrishRN  4 years ago
Constant evap lines...even on the 4th day of my cycle. Why are these so popular? Way better results with easy@home.


goldcoast60611  4 years ago
detected pregnancy at 8DPO!


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