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FirstVue (UK)

The data displayed in the charts below is a breakdown, by days past ovulation, of different pregnancy test results for this brand. All results are based on pregnancy test results submitted by our members.


25 mIU/ml

Average rating







There is not enough data to determine when this brands starts to give positive results for more than 80% of pregnant women.


There is not enough data to determine when this brands starts to give a 'standard' positive result for pregnant women.

Evaporation lines

Of all tests recorded using this brand, 3.6% were reported as evaporation lines. This mean around 1 in every 28 test results was an evaporation line. This is considered high risk.

Only pregnancy test results reported by pregnant women are included. Therefore any negative results are false negatives.

A false negative result is when a pregnancy test indicates that you are not pregnant but you actually are. False negatives usually occur because there is not enough hCG in your system to be picked up by the pregnancy test. This can be caused by the test being taken too early, test sensitivity, diluted urine or failure to follow test instructions. To avoid inaccurate results you should try to wait as long as possible before testing.

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Reviews for FirstVue (UK)

What women think of this brand.

GAIA2020  3 years ago
Gives false positives. Driving me more and more crazy.

firstvue123  9 years ago
Warning of Trademark infringement and counterfeit products in the UK. Firstvue â?¢ Corporation has become aware of sales of counterfeit Firstvueâ?¢ pregnancy test kits by websites and retail stores located in the United Kingdom UK.

Mrsmarston  11 years ago
Iv done a first vue , this morning @ 11dpo and got a positive resuit ! Very pleased !! Done these b4 and been disapointed but I was never pregnant . So they do work . X

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