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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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GAIA2020  1 year ago
Gives false positives. Driving me more and more crazy.


firstvue123  7 years ago
Warning of Trademark infringement and counterfeit products in the UK. Firstvue â?¢ Corporation has become aware of sales of counterfeit Firstvueâ?¢ pregnancy test kits by websites and retail stores located in the United Kingdom UK.


Mrsmarston  9 years ago
Iv done a first vue , this morning @ 11dpo and got a positive resuit ! Very pleased !! Done these b4 and been disapointed but I was never pregnant . So they do work . X




Kestra9  9 years ago
I had a negative result 5 days ago, and yesterday a very faded positve result! So still in the dark about my result!


mercedes1991  9 years ago
me and alot of my friends/ family have used these with accurate results. had two faint bfp's with these today so hopefully they are correct, wish they came with a pot to pee in though lol


Guest  10 years ago
well i have done 4 of these test and have had positive result s from them all went to doc today they done one and it came back negative they use first response surely four tests cant be negative


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