Are you testing too early?

So you want to know if you're pregnant - and you want to know now! Here are a few reasons why testing early is not such a good idea.

Testing early can satisfy the desire to take a pregnancy test but won't necessarily give you an accurate answer. It can leave you more confused than ever. If there is no line, you may wonder "Is it too early? Am I pregnant?". If there is a very faint line you may wonder if it's actually there which leaves you wondering "Is it positive? Am I actually pregnant?". A shadow, an evaporation line - these will leave you wondering the same thing "Am I pregnant?". So, what was the point of taking the test - if it leaves you wondering the same thing you did before you took the test!?




You want to be one of the 'lucky' ones that gets an early positive result - I mean who wants to wait to find out, right? But in reality, the percentage of women that do get an early positive is very small.

The longer you wait the more you will be able to trust the result you see in the pregnancy test window. If you hate to see a negative pregnancy test - testing early, even when you are pregnant, will likely mean you see one. Do yourself a favour - wait! The last thing you need to see when you're pregnant is a negative pregnancy test!

The statistics

Here are some statistics that will hopefully convince you to hold off on testing.

Percentage of PREGNANT women that received a negative test result when testing on the specified day past ovulation.
Day Past Ovulation Percentage
6 DPO85%
8 DPO73%
10 DPO40%
12 DPO21%
14 DPO15%


As you can see, waiting just a few days makes a huge difference! On 8 DPO 73% of pregnant women saw a negative result! Compare that to 10 DPO where 40% saw a negative test. By 12 DPO that number drops significantly to 21%. That means that just waiting 3-4 days will improve your chances of an accurate test result tremendously!

Happy testing!




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