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Sensitivity: 25 mIU/ml

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MeTrying2Conceive  4 years ago
These are awesome for testing out a trigger. Still waiting to see a BFP though.


ithinkimreadynow  4 years ago
I've had 4 false positives with these over the past 6 years (and still not actual bfp). I am done with these crappy tests. Don't waste your money unless you're ok with having your heart broken over and over.


suthernkiwi  4 years ago
Got super faint + on 7dpo and 8dpo, faint at 9dpo and finally a clear pink second line at 10dpo. I can always see the shadowy test line, it's hard to tell the shadow from a real positive. Super cheap, though.




jennlee77  5 years ago
Constantly getting false positives with these. Heartbreaking.


rainbowbabe83  5 years ago
The best. that is all I am gonna say


Kristylynn83  5 years ago
I started testing six days before my period was due. I had negatives all the way to two days before it was due. Faint second line, but it is there!


Zakir1  5 years ago
Cheap, easy to use, and accurate


Rifqa81  5 years ago
I like the HPT a lot. After the 5 minute wait I got a standard more time went by, it got darker and darker. I would recommend to wait 5-10 minutes before you declare BFN...your very faint positive just might show up


casablanka  5 years ago
I got very faint line, barely there 8 dpo; 2 days later i had a blood test and my HCG level was 27 at that point so Wondflo probably registered ~10 iu HSG...not bad for the cheapest pregnancy test


Zakir1  5 years ago
For someone with poas syndrome these work great. They are very affordable.


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