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KatEwer  6 years ago
I used internet dip strips from amazon while trying to conceive the last time. They were AMAZING. They gave me a positive before any other pregnancy test, and I tested every day for twelve days, with three different kinds each day before I got my positive!


mrsSteele  6 years ago
Sorry, the 15 tests I wrote about were from


mrsSteele  6 years ago
I ordered 15 from website and took nearly 4 weeks to arrive in the post. I was told they wld arrive with in 6 business days. All 15 tests gave me an Evap! :( Also small control window, hard to photo etc. I guess u get what u pay for! FRER are better.




12gs34  6 years ago
Bought a 20 pack of ClinicalGuard from Amazon. These didn't give evap lines. Got a really faint + line at 10dpo. But, FRER showed a better line at 10dpo. The quality seems cheap, but they work.


fearless1219  6 years ago
Don't know about these. Got a 20 pack off of Amazon and tested on 10 dpo with 4 tests. All negative, and 2 of them didn't seem to work as the pink dye on the entire strip never faded. Having all the symptoms so am going to test again for the next couple of days to see what happens.


UrbanPigeon  7 years ago
Faint postiives at 10dpo but didn't really get much darker. FRER picked up nice dark lines after 12dpo. Not bad to prove pregnancy but not great for the "strong" lines. Still pregnant though :D


liz_61781  7 years ago
Used a ton of One Step hCG tests from They were all negative. I'm not pregnant but my friend who is pregnant took several and they all came back negative. My instructions did not say anything about letting the sample come to room temperature first. Beware of false negatives!


dips2012  7 years ago


dips2012  7 years ago
Used one-step early pregnancy tests that I bought from amazon. They are really cheap and they work. Gave me faint + on 11dpo. I waited for the sample to come to room temperature for 20 minutes before testing (as per the instructions).


foxybrownin  7 years ago
They maybe cheap but they have never been wron g for me.


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