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Sensitivity: 20 mIU/ml

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beckuhg  34 days ago
The One Step brand (UK) have been full of indents and gave multiple false positives in my last cycle. Good for constant cheap testing, but always back up with a better brand


rolly_frog   9 weeks ago
Great accuracy for price, awesome when you’re a poas addict


lisarose  1 year ago
Great when negative but so faint when positive compared to first response. I took one at 10dpo and saw a shadow of a line and took a first response with same urine sample and clear positive.




t.n.t.c  2 years ago
Lots of false positives


bradipina  2 years ago
i used the pink dye cheapies from ebay - were extremely reliable, negative when negative, positive when positive (even if only beginning with 11dpo, and the lines remain quite faint for lack of dye). still considering the very cheap price the best deal


Tcrack  2 years ago
First morning urine negative (different brand ranked #1) super late evening test with POSITIVE!!!!!


silverfoxwarg  2 years ago
Clear positive, but it was false :( I will keep getting these because they're cheap and fairly accurate.


Sam1424  2 years ago
I would not recommended using the dip strips! I used them from 10dpo up until 16dpo when AF was 3 days late! All tests were negative but I decided to do a CB at 16dpo and the lines appeared straight away!


magsplus  2 years ago
Don't buy the ones with blue dip stick! I got 4 days of + but only with the blue tipped ones. Every FRER, Clearblue digi, & dollar store one was neg. The give false hope. It's heart breaking and expensive to buy the others to confirm. Unreliable &I don't recommend them. Baby dust to all.


sierrastephens829  2 years ago
The negatives seem really negative. I don't feel that I have to guess. I do not like that it takes 5 minutes and the window is so small I feel that if there was anything there I would always be unsure. I would buy again, They are a great deal


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