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sierrastephens829  3 years ago
The negatives seem really negative. I don't feel that I have to guess. I do not like that it takes 5 minutes and the window is so small I feel that if there was anything there I would always be unsure. I would buy again, They are a great deal


zue_zue  3 years ago
quality can be questioned.. its cheap.. good for first impression.. after that buy a good one for confirmation..


Nurseje  4 years ago
Very clear dark false positive on 5dpo. These came with ovulation strips.




Jasmine1993  4 years ago
I just took 2 and both at 6 minutes has very faint lines, same size as control line. But I think they were evaps, not sure if it was a very faint bfp or what should I think. I do t want to waist anymore $ or test, i have alot of these left.


amandaroseroe  4 years ago
I GOT FOUR FALSE POSITIVES. For certain. Not evap lines as they came up in seconds. And it wasn't a chemical pregnancy as I am breastfeeding and I don't have my period yet (never bled).


nikkicruse  4 years ago
Im not so sure about them... been trying to rest out a 250mg trigger shot since 7 days after.... its now 13 days after and Im still getting faint positives... nothing lighter.. nothing darker ... but a BFP on FRER....


Tlawley0724  4 years ago
It's confusing as to where the test line should be!


LogansMommy08  4 years ago
All have been stark white except for 1 of 20 that made me question being pregnant.


ttcbabynuber2#  5 years ago
Took 10 of these and were all neg, not even evap if I tryed, took 3 cassettes and all Bfp these are shit waste of money.


hopeandgrace  5 years ago
I've ordered these for a previous pregnancy, at early pregnancy, and they were good. Now, it is as though they have cut the strips in half? It is making me wonder how the reduction of quality has translated to the accuracy of the test.


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