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magsplus  4 years ago
Don't buy the ones with blue dip stick! I got 4 days of + but only with the blue tipped ones. Every FRER, Clearblue digi, & dollar store one was neg. The give false hope. It's heart breaking and expensive to buy the others to confirm. Unreliable &I don't recommend them. Baby dust to all.


sierrastephens829  4 years ago
The negatives seem really negative. I don't feel that I have to guess. I do not like that it takes 5 minutes and the window is so small I feel that if there was anything there I would always be unsure. I would buy again, They are a great deal


zue_zue  4 years ago
quality can be questioned.. its cheap.. good for first impression.. after that buy a good one for confirmation..




Nurseje  4 years ago
Very clear dark false positive on 5dpo. These came with ovulation strips.


Jasmine1993  4 years ago
I just took 2 and both at 6 minutes has very faint lines, same size as control line. But I think they were evaps, not sure if it was a very faint bfp or what should I think. I do t want to waist anymore $ or test, i have alot of these left.


amandaroseroe  5 years ago
I GOT FOUR FALSE POSITIVES. For certain. Not evap lines as they came up in seconds. And it wasn't a chemical pregnancy as I am breastfeeding and I don't have my period yet (never bled).


nikkicruse  5 years ago
Im not so sure about them... been trying to rest out a 250mg trigger shot since 7 days after.... its now 13 days after and Im still getting faint positives... nothing lighter.. nothing darker ... but a BFP on FRER....


Tlawley0724  5 years ago
It's confusing as to where the test line should be!


LogansMommy08  5 years ago
All have been stark white except for 1 of 20 that made me question being pregnant.


ttcbabynuber2#  6 years ago
Took 10 of these and were all neg, not even evap if I tryed, took 3 cassettes and all Bfp these are shit waste of money.


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