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hopeandgrace  6 years ago
I've ordered these for a previous pregnancy, at early pregnancy, and they were good. Now, it is as though they have cut the strips in half? It is making me wonder how the reduction of quality has translated to the accuracy of the test.


Darladybug  6 years ago
I want to give it zero stars. This is supposed to be more sensitive, I had taken this test with fmu for 4 days straight and never had so much as an evaporation line. Took frer and new choice with diluted urine and got bfp on the same day. Cheap piece of crap tests. 20 miu


Alyssasmummy  6 years ago
Great! Did this test on the off chance while I was taking a ovulation test. Turned out I as already pregnant!




Dakara  6 years ago
Nice, stark negative white, but the very faint positive is hard to tell from an evap, though I didn't actually get any evaps from this brand, I later learned. All around a good deal. Would buy again.


Sheaby  6 years ago
Great if you have a POAS addiction. Cheap enough to use every day if you want to, but would still confirm with a better brand if you get what looks like a BFP.


doityourselfdoula  7 years ago
The test strip came back a very very faint positive on day 11DPO and I will re-test in a few days to confirm. They are cheap and easy to use. I do recommend letting the urine get to room temperature I read somewhere that is what you should do.


poasqueen81  7 years ago
Gave me accurate positive before but took about 15 mins for result, even though test line was as dark asccontrol line. Did another one about week later out of curiosity and same thing. A lot of them are prone to bad evaps but mine have never had any colour to them although some people say they have


leix2012  7 years ago
These tests use to be amazing and great value! When i was pregnant in 2009 they were great never gave any false readings. So far this year (2013) out of 50 at least 30 have had some indent before even using them, leaving evaps within the time limit, just overall very poor quality very disappointing.


Ella deZeng  7 years ago
Prone to evap.


phd_nettie  7 years ago
Got faint, but definitely there positive at 9dpo. Test line as dark as control by 13dpo. Inexpensive, but not cheap.


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