Evening primrose oil

Popular herbal supplements for female hormonal balance and fertility

Evening primrose oil

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is a favorite fertility aid among women. Historically considered a medicinal "cure-all", evening primrose oil is one of the more popular herbal supplements for female hormonal balance and fertility.

For women who are trying-to-conceive, the key benefit of Evening Primrose Oil is that it may increase the quality of cervical mucus, making the mucus a more fertile medium for sperm. One of the purposes of cervical mucus during the fertile period before ovulation is to sustain sperm in a healthy medium and to allow sperm to move freely through the cervix. When a woman ovulates, there should be an increase in cervical mucus, as well as a change in mucus texture. Fertile cervical mucus is more "stretchable" and slippery (you will often hear it compared to "egg-white"). The presence of fertile cervical mucus around the time a woman ovulates is key to fertility.

Evening Primrose Oil should only be taken during the pre-ovulation period of each cycle (from the first day of menstruation until ovulation is assumed or confirmed to have taken place).