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Surprised it happened quickly this time

It took DH and I over two years to successfully have our baby boy. We suffered 2 losses along the way and it was the hardest journey I've ever faced in life. Our son is almost 14 months old and we were eager to add to out family and make our son a big brother. We thought it would take us a while again to get pregnant with #2, so I'm very pleasantly surprised to see faint positives on my Internet cheapies at 10 and 11dpo after our first full cycle of TTC. This morning's was a tad darker and more noticeable. I know it's still early, but we are very excited. With my history, I can only hope this baby sticks and stays healthy!!! Going to my OBGYN Friday for confirmation, since I will be 2 days late by then and they can start blood work and keep an eye on my levels to make sure this baby is growing strong.

Don't lose hope ladies... it was SO hard to have our first baby... I really hope you ladies see BFP'S soon and I'm sending lots of baby dust your way!! You ladies give the best support to one another and I'm so happy I was able to share both my TTC journeys with you :-)


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Success story

Please don't give up!

After two losses and it seeming like forever to get pregnant again, I was starting to lose hope that it would ever happen. I was so jealous when looking at all the pregnancy tests on this website and reading other's success stories... I want nothing more than to be the mother of my fiancé's baby. And now I got my BFP this morning!!
I see my doctor tomorrow morning for confirmation, but my pregnancy test was definitely positive without a doubt. Those two pink lines are nice and bright, maybe too bright for 3 weeks and 4 days LOL!!
Just, please ladies, do not lose hope. Your day will come... I hated hearing that myself... it didn't help me to hear those words because it didn't make that day NOW... but please trust that it will. I wish I could give more words of encouragement to you ladies, especially those who have been through such hard times during their TTC journies. Just know it will happen =D
I wish you all the best of luck and hope the rest of your TTC journey is short. Best of luck and wishes, ladies <3.


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