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False negatives or false positive

Anyone use pregnosis in stream? The new ones - I’m in Oz so they are newish here. I got a faint positive ...

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Chicken pox and tww

I have unconfirmed chicken pox:rolling_eyes: I’ve had them before as a kid, anyway just my luck to be a ...

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Success stories with clear blue digital weeks indicator

Anyone have a not pregnant Reading that was really a bfp - just took a test and it was not pregnant- then pull ...

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Any hope?

I’m 16dpo - waiting for my af to start so we can dive into cycle #2 for ivf ttc#2 - I had a year break a ...

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7dpo light bleeding WTH? Is this implantation or AF?

I am so confused- I have only had one natural pregnancy - CP in Jan 2018 and an IVF pregnancy (now a healthy 2 ... Updated

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13dpo symptoms galore, BFN


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