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16 DPO, BFN and NO AF. Driving me mad.

Just wanted to post a topic on this as couldn't find anyone else in a similar situation. I have a 27 day cycle (had been 34 days to begin with after coming off Cerazette back in July11).
Af was due 21/11/11.
Now 16DPO and despite taking first morning sample wee tests I'm still getting BFN :( Been testing everyday for 2 weeks now - deffo an addict ;)
Have had sore, tender boobs for almost 2 weeks now. Some nausea, ovary pain and lots of bloating and cramps for over 10 days. Been crazy about Marzipan and I don't even like the stuff.
Not sure what the hell is going on with me?! Anyone else in the same situation, late Af and getting BFN?!
Lots of Baby Dust to you all.

Lou :) xx

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I feel ya!

I should have had af today, and I've totally been feeling crazy things these last 16 days too. My cycle is pretty regular for the past two years since getting off Ortho Evra (due to nasty side effects) and since we stopped using condoms nearly one month ago, when you add the weird symptoms like excessive gas/belching, salt craving (my usual is sweets), bloating, and extreme fatigue, my husband is still convinced we are pregnant, even with two BFNs, one today, and one three days ago (yes, early, I know).

What tests are you using? I've used the New Choice (Dollar Tree brand) so far, as I know they get expensive :(

6 years ago

Hiya Kat
Thanks for your reply. Glad I'm not alone on this :)
Now 17DPO and still BFN and no AF.
Have been using First response 6 days earlier, cassette tests and internet dip strips. Even tried supermarket brands and Clear Blue digital. I'm in the UK so we have different named brands here. I've basically used the super sensitive ones (5MIU) and the not so sensitive (25MIU)
We were up til 3am last night going through all my symptoms & daring to hope this might be it.
The symptoms are so similar to being due for AF, but nothing ever happens despite all the sore boobs, weird food fads. I, like you, have craved salt. Today it's pork chops in cider sauce with brussel sprouts. And pea soup with cream ;) I hope to god I am preggers & not just a complete nutcase ;)
Is this your first time Trying To Conceive? Got everything crossed for you to get that BFP soon. Here if you want to compare etc.
Much love & baby dust.
Lou :) xx

6 years ago • Post starter

I'm now 17DPO too (I'm not tracking ovulation, just assuming I am "typical" is the half-way point in cycle). Yes, this our first time TTC as we just go married on October 29th, and have been VERY careful before then between hormonal BC and condoms, along with a Morning After pill on New Years Day when the condom broke.

I'd like to know my need to sprinkle salt on almost everything is not because I'm just going crazy too...I'm so not a fan of it the rest of the time.

The gas/belching has been the worst symptom yet, I burp constantly, and it's beyond annoying. I tried Tums, that doesn't really solve it, and I'm hoping it calms down a bit on it's own.

I see from your profile that you are TTC #4; how old are your other ones?

Lots of babydust to your too!

6 years ago

I have 3 boys already. They're 9, 7 and 5. We wanted to fit in #4 before getting married (we've done things the opposite way around), which will be March 2013. Bearing in mind I'll need a few months to get back in shape for my bridal gown ;) I'm 32 so I know time is not greatly on our side as my mother had early menopause at 39.
I did laugh about your salt thing, as it's good to know we're both having weird food fads :)
The belching/wind thing I am also guilty of - "better out than in" I always say ;)
Happy Thanksgiving to you for today over there in America :)
Lou xx

6 years ago • Post starter

Wow, a household of men, it's gotta be one energetic crowd over there in your house ;) Are you hoping for a certain gender this time around? It's ok to do the whole marriage/kids thing however way works for you, and if you've bounced back from three pregnancies already , number 4 will be a breeze, and you'll be wedding gown shape in no time. Besides, as long as you marry the one you love, and the dress is comfortable to dance in, that is all that matters :)

I can appreciate you wanting to speed things along, with the concern about early menopause. Just focus on your lovely wedding pictures with you carrying around your newest addition, standing with his/her brothers. Visualization is a powerful thing!

Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes, and keep me updated as you know more about what's going on with you and the lovely BFP.

6 years ago

I will do Kat. Sending you lots of baby dust & luck for your BFP too. Hoping for a girl this time...but better the devil you know' and all that - a boy would be perfectly fine again with me.
Let me know how you get on also, we can do this :)
Lou xx

6 years ago • Post starter

Hey lulu!

Not to worry - with my DD I was 18 dpo before I got a positive test and my cycle length is 27 to 29 days (never really that regular).

I'm currently 14dpo and tested this a.m. with CBE digital. BFN. I know, based on the last time, that I will need to wait until at least 16 dpo to try testing again (if AF doesn't arrive!).

Best of luck - baby dust!!

6 years ago

Hiya Ladies! In less than 3 mins Ill be 18dpo. I tested at 14dpo which was monday the 21st with a dollar general brand which was 1 dollar lol and I got a strong pos with afternoon pee and the next morning i did another one with fmu and what do you know its very very faint and i mean sooo faint you barely see a line.... So i went to first response early result which is so sensitive that it can detect hcg early, i test with it and bam i got a pos with morning urine so far for 2 days now. Dont give up hope, with that test you can test anytime during the day because its soo sensitive. Im not tryin to rub it in anyones face but just telling you about my experince....Just whatever you do dont test with blue dye, they seem to give fasle results neg and pos. Stick with the pink dye. I hope this helps you ladies out.

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6 years ago

Still no period and if I assume O time, I am 19 dpo. I'm not going to break down and test until Tuesday, which will be 22 dpo. I need proof of what I am already convinced of, and thanks to you Loulee for reminding us that every woman has different hormone levels that test positive at different times. It's good to remember that and not feel quite so frustrated ;)

6 years ago

Thanks for the words of encouragement Loulee, makes me hopeful I might eventually see my BFP :) xx
How are you getting on Kat?! I'm 21 DPO and still no AF or any sign of that BFP :( Have had severe flu all weekend. Been able to eat though until today - now I feel sick & shaky and off my food :(
Any news with you?
Lou :) x

6 years ago • Post starter

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