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How often does everyone 'BD' when TTC? Taking concensus!

Hi out there in baby land. Ok so, I am wondering how often all you ladies out there are BD when TTC?

I am a busy stay at home mom of 1 right now, a 20 month old, and even though I know I should probably be getting busy more often to increase my chances of conceiving #2... I am just not always in the mood! Even though I want another very badly. If you are a busy mom already you know how it're tired a lot. On avg during my fertile week, the hubby and I are doing it twice....on the most fertile days. Not enough, right?

Got preg with my first very fast, on the 2nd try.....but I wasnt a tired out mom of a toddler then and I think we did it every day or at least every other day during my fertile week. Feel like I need to get back on the ball....

Anyone else going thru this?

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I think two days could be enough! It only takes 1 time! I too am trying to conceive my second and my DH and I have been BDing 3 days (we keep skipping the day before O because we are trying for a girl) but since we just got through month 4 of TTC with no luck we will not be doing that method next cycle. I say 2-3 days of BDing those being the 2 days leading up to ovulation and the day of and you are good. You do not need to BD anymore than that of what I have read! Even the day before and day of and I think you have a very good chance! How long have you been TTC?

5 years ago

I was told by my fertility specialist to bed every other day starting from cd10 thru to cd 20. its exhausting lol but atleast theres plenty of sperm there to catch the egg but everyones different good luck :-)

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5 years ago

Holy cow! Yes I do not think I could that either! That is exhausting...I really do not think that is necessary unless maybe you have a very irregular cycle or are having fertility issues and don't know when you ovulate. Then I could understand. Good luck better get some rest! Lol

5 years ago

We have a boy and would love a girl this time around so that was my plan also...did it 2 of my most fertile days but not assumed ov day. I think my other issue might be that i had the LEEP procedure in April...and even though my cervix is otherwise healthy, there was a small area of precancerous cells removed, and i have read that sometimes LEEP can cause a decrease in cervical mucous which i obviously need to carry the hubby's little swimmers to madame egg! My doc said i shoud be fine, and i havent been dry...havent even needed to use any lube...but just to be safe i am starting fertile CM vitamins today. Supposed to help increase fertile cervical mucous! Hope it works!!

We have been TTC for 2 months so i know it hasnt been long, but i cant help feeling a bit bummed it didnt happen second cycle like it did with our first baby. How long have you ladies been TTC? Jjcwell i know you said 4 months so long did it take you to conceive your first?

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We conceived our son on cycle 3. And I do not remember going through all of this tracking and craziness. I was using OPK's but I swear we DTD one time around O and I was pregnant. I was 28 then and I am 32 now so I don't know if age is a factor and just can take a few more mos. But our son will be four at the end of this year and I was really hoping to have them closer in age, so I am dying for this to happen already! It is such a bummer when you get a BFN and have to start all over with the waiting, I cannot stand it. I thought for sure this would be the month. But BFN's at 10, 11 and 12 dpo and AF due tomorrow :(. So I have very little hope left, plus AF cramps have appeared.

Anyhow we want a girl too so we were trying the Shettles Method but I'm not getting pregnant at all so we are scratching that. Even though we DTD a maximum of 36 hrs before O this month. So frustrating!! We have definitely DTD on multiple occassions during fertile days for 4 months in a row now. I'm pretty sure (never confirmed with my dr) that I had a chem preg in March (our first mo trying). My cycle is very regular and I had all kinds of symptoms and AF came 6 days late but I kept getting BFN's. So that was my conclusion. Plus my AF that mo lasted 1-2 days and was just off for me. At least I know I can conceive is what I keep telling myself! Good luck to you!! Keep in touch!

5 years ago

Oh i am right there with ya! I was 29 when i conceived my son..30 when i had him, and now i am 32 (today actually). My son is going to be 2 in october so i was really hoping to get pregnant sometime this summer for good age timing, and just because i have been dying for a newborn again...having the itch since my son was a year. I think 32 is still young though, even though i know they say once you are into your 30s the ease of conceiving depletes some. If it took you 3 months with your son that is pretty quick, too. So...perhaps for us age is a little bit of a factor now. Lets pretend that it will take double the times of trying to get preg this time :) hehe. Heres hoping! That means our positive results could be around the corner!!

You never know...if you didnt get AF yet, could still be....first time for me i kept feeling like it was coming but it never did...i waited til i was 3 days late and the morning of the 4th day, tested positive. Even then was a very light second line. The same thing happened to me this cycle...i really thought i was pregnant and then AF cramps came on and i had my period within hours exactly on the day it was do. I am very regular, always exactly 26 days so when i was late the first time, just knew...but i waited a few days anyway. Plan on doing that this more expectations and thinking i am having symptoms. This cycle and here on out however long it takes, i am only relying on if my period is late, then i start to think preg and i test.

Best of luck to you too!! Heres hoping both of us get pos results very very soon!! :)

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Oh so funny! And happy birthday!! haha...yea I'm not worried about any issues just impatient! My DH does smoke which drives me crazy and makes me wonder if it is affecting anything. He has always smoked though so who knows. I wish SO bad he would quit its so awful. They say 80% of couples conceive within 6 mos and really last month was probably a wash for us because we DTD 4 days before I O'd which was a LONG shot. We were in the middle of a vacation and it just wasnt easy sneaking away :). So I guess I can only say its been 3 mos which is nothing. Lets hope July is our month!! KMFX

5 years ago

We just want a baby of any sex so we are bd twice a day, maybe a little overboard but if it gets the job done we will be one happy little couple!! Besides, who can complain with a little extra love??

5 years ago

Yea my strategy this month is 2 days before BD, 1 day before BD morning and night and day of O BD morning! We shall see!! This baby making thing is CRAZY!

5 years ago

Thanks for the bday wishes! Yeah i dont have a specific plan of attack for DTD this next cycle...i mean i would love to have a girl next time around but id be happy with whatever. I just want another baby! If i have a girl next i might be able to stop but if i had another boy id wana try once more to get a girl. I just see that connection my hubby has with our son...and the fact he is his mini me...and i just think it would be so awesome to have a little girl that looks like me. Plus i have awesome girl names i wana use so bad LOL

Its always tough when you are in a situation where you are trying but you arein a place you cant sneak away. In may we only BD once on my most fertile day, because we were staying with my mother in law due to an SUV driving off the road and crashing thru our place and destroying it with us inside! Thankfully we werent hurt or worse. But, Ahh....the things that get in the way of TTC lol

we havent been trying long so lets keep our chins up. Like you said, most couples conceive within 6 months so...If we are in that 80% we dont have too long to go! Good luck and keep me posted! I will do the same :)

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