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Depo shot...complications with TTC

I was on depo for 2 years...have now been off for a n my husband are trying to concieve again....and have been trying since June of 11 with first and last af was March 15-31 of this year I took an ovulation test which was positive on June 8th beginning on the 13 symptoms started cramps,bloating,nausea,runny/stuffy nose,lower backache, headache,...all of.this has progressed not all happened at once but of what I think to be 14dpo hpt was negative should I wait it put or no chance of being pregnant...just need advice from others

Anyone have stories from being on depo would love to hear!!! Thanks

I'm so ready.

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Hello, I too was on depo. I took it one time in 07' and ever since I haven't had regular cycles. I suffered from tubal cyst and my ovaries were clear right before I took it. I have been TTC for about 18 months now and have had no success. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS. Other than erratic period I show no other symptoms.

5 years ago

What symptoms were you having with pcos. I'm so confused with my own body idk if I'm pregnant or just think I am

I'm so ready.

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