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TTC again!

So... Back to TTC. Got AF today.
Cd1-7th aug- first day of AF

  UPDATE   Cd11- 17th August- watery cm. Negative opk.
Cd12-18th August-watery cm. Checked opk in the morning and night and the latter was close to positive.
Cd13-19th August. Positive Opk at 1:00 pm. Bd in afternoon and night.
Cd14-20th August. Negative opk. Lost libido. But Bd in the afternoon.
Cd15-21st August. Feeling happy to see arrival of monsoon in our area. Felt something popped or muscle spasm in left lower abdomen. Slight left Lower back ache and leg aches at night.
Cd16-22nd August. Woke up tired.
Cd 20-26th August. Vivid dreams and disturbed sleep from last 2-3 days. Today morning I woke up craving for icecream cake.
Cd22-28th August-8 dpo. Took HPT with FMU. BFN.
Cd23-29th August-9 dpo. Slight burning sensation in right nipple. Cranky. Easily irritated. Fought with husband. Wept. Think AF on the way. I don't dare to test.
I feel so hopeless. I want this baby only and only for the sake of my daughter. She badly wants a sibling at house. She pours love on neighbouring babies and always asks when will baby come in your tummy innocently. I break from inside. Now too feeling very bad. Things are going as usual just like I get before a period. I am so sad.
Cd24-30th August. No symptoms..totally....
Cd25-31st August. 11 dpo. BFN
Cd26-1st September. 12 dpo. No symptoms of pregnancy or PMS. Feel very normal.
Cd27-2nd Sept. 13 dpo. BFN. This is not my cycle At evening I observed a pimple on chin. I get this before period. I had cramps in my left lower abdomen for a minute. Period is about to start anytime. Lost hopes for this cycle.
Cd28-3rd September-it's raining!! I'm happy! No signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Waiting for AF.
Cd29- BFN with FMU. It's 15 dpo. AF arrived

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Good luck. In the same boat. AF came a few days ago. Baby dust for you this cycle


10 months ago

Thank you Sarah and Rosehill..??

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