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I need some advise and encourage! Went to the ER because I have has some really serious ovarian cyst. Well there at the hospital i found out i was pregnant. Had NO clue. I've been bleeding for over a month now due to a hormone issue. They did un ultrasound and nothing in the uterus. They thought maybe a tubel pregnancy. They dont "think" they see anything in the tubes. Pain has slowly stopped, bleeding still there just not as bad. For 3 days now I've taken at home test to see if the line gets darker. They dont! Hcg levels were at 277 3 days ago. I'm going back in today. Could I still be pregnant and not see anything in the uterus. She said I would be about 2 weeks pregnant if it's a live pregnancy. If not I could just be at the tail end of a miscarriage. I did pass quite a bit of tissue through the last 3 weeks. I just have a feeling I'm just recovering from a miscarriage. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Ty

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I had a scan at 8 weeks and nothing could be seen. I got the feeling they didn’t believe there was a positive test. I was bleeding and only after bloods did they see HCG was very high and there was a concern of an ectopic pregnancy. It took about 4/5 days and all of a sudden I passed tissue. They couldn’t explain why they didn’t see it on the scan but thought it was was because it was very low down and the pregnancy has stopped growing very early on. When the pregnancy is so early I think it’s hard for them to tell. My body obviously took a while to realise what was going on. I’m no expert but that was my experience.

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Thank you! I feel like its all over and I'll be getting better. I've been very sick. And in a lot of pain. Test lines seem to stay the same. I'll get hcg results today. I'm still cramping and spotting. I was bleeding really bad for weeks. I had no clue I was pregnant! This all makes my mind spin. A couple weeks ago I saw something in the toilet. I was having "ovarian cyst" pain I thought. I'm pretty sure that was the sac. I'm not taking another test to see if the line gets darker or lighter. I'm just tired and ready to get my life back. I'm just going to wait for the hcg levels to come back today and then move on. I still feel nauseous and still feel pregnant. I'm just ready to get over all this! Here are the test I've taken from the night I found out at the ER. 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. I think 1 looks a little darker and that would be yesterday's test. But in general they are all the same. Honestly I just want the hcg to go one way or the other. I'm tired and over it! ???? I'll get through this!

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Top is today, bottom is the 5th

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